The whole western genre had far too many gunslingers for its

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Canada Goose Jackets If he had not been so condescending, though, and the thread was still locked, I would take that as a prima facie display of censorship.Also, I don know whether the specific moderator who locked it is a VR employee, but even if not, most of the mods are, so those that are not can be assumed to be doing what they think VR wants them to do.Long story short, if we going to tolerate censorship today of something we happen to disagree with, or just because they were condescending about it, then tomorrow we cannot cry if it us being censored because others disagree with us or just don want to have to deal with or respond to our position. So we still need that Pantheon subreddit that not controlled or overly influenced by VR.middleground11 1 point submitted 2 days ago> Has end game been talked about or has anything been planned for max level players to rush to end game to enjoy guild content?Just curious, back in 1999 when EQ first came out, and before they patched in the Planes, do you think the two dragons, kedge and whatever else was available pre Planes, do you think that was a canada goose outlet price meaningful amount of raid content? Was the canada goose outlet germany Planes a scramble to get more after realizing a need?They talk a lot about raid content they aren sure yet if it will be tuned for 24 people, or 48 or what, but with the game being open world and them wanting people content canada goose clothing uk blocking each other, how do you design an encounter for a certain amount of people when you are simultaneously promoting an environment where more than one group of that size will be fighting for it?> Will this game be more about the journey than the max level?You can force or legislate this one way or the other, if a lot of people feel that they aren comfortable or validated until they hit max level, or canada goose outlet woodbury that canada goose outlet store quebec the game hasn really started til then, then the % of the players that feel this way will set the tone. The last thing we need, especially, canada goose outlet montreal are things like trivial loot code to punish people for leveling fast. Canada Goose Jackets

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