420 Raffle Winners

GreenWorks ,

Its Friday 4/20/12 at 9pm and we just finished doing the raffle. Clarebear pulled 4 tickets tonight in order and here they are. If you have the winning ticket , please bring it in and claim your prize. this raffle was for the members that picked up a goodie bag.


Ticket #1 (First place) – 361342 – Prize: Big Bent glass bong

Ticket #2 (2nd place) – 361363 – Prize: small Bent glass beaker

Ticket #3 (3rd place) – 361339 – Prize: Big steam roller

Ticket #4 (4th place) – 361400 – Prize: Big steam roller

You must bring in the ticket to pick up your prize.


Hope you all had fun at the 420 BBQ today. It was fun and enjoy those bags! happy 420 and take care.
GW staff