A new Sativa and a new Hybrid in at GreenWorks!

We have fresh batches of 619 Green Crack (Sativa) and 619 Blue Dream (Hybrid; Blue Dream X Candy Kush) out on the shelf! Grab a 2G for $30 donation special and try them both! 😀

For those who need a heavy OG, we have 619 Fire OG (Indica) and 619 Ghost OG (Indica), along with 3 other heavy and frosty Indicas! Get an eighth (3.6G) for only $50 donation today!

Still stocked up with our edibles and concentrates! Try a Kind Bake Extra Strength Lozenge for only $5 donation! Available in flavors like Apple, Strawberry, Black Cherry, Tropical and Watermelon!

Open 10am-7pm! 🙂