Greenworks 420 Event – 4/20/12

Its that time of the year again and we all love when 4/20 comes around. Gworks usually has a nice day planned out for our members.

This year we have all kinds of stuff planned out with catering down to a new down stairs lounge. Here are the important things to know about the Gworks 420 party.

– Location – OB
-Time – 4:20
– The shop hours for 420 are 10am-10pm
Food will be served at 12pm (gives you 2 hours to get your meds and chill in the lounge)
– First 100 members will get a fat plate of food. (we only bought so much food so we will run out – Carne Asada , Chicken , Spaghetti and more )
– Vegan food has been purchased.
First 100 members get a GW goodie bag with all kinds of FREE stuff. ( you must give a donation to get a bag)
We will be stocked with 619’s and waxes.
– We are only accepting registered members with valid CA ID and a Valid Recommendations (NO exceptions!)
We will have teens and clones the morning of 420
– Edibles will be in full stock mode
– We will have Gworks T-shirts for sale to show the support of the shop
First 100 members get a FREE Raffle to win Prizes. We will announce the 2 winners with a post on (we are giving away a bong and a concentrate piece)
Music , couches and tables will be provided for the members hanging out.
Plenty of FREE meds to party and enjoy 420!

Where will you be?

Don’t forget to register on , Upload your videos you make on 420!

Cya later GW