Happy Friday! We have LOTS of new flavors in today! :)

JUST IN – 619 Mars OG (Indica), 619 Saturn OG (Indica), 619 Purple Alien Abduction (Indica), 619 Hawaiian Passion (Indica), 619 GDP (Indica), 619 Blue Dream (Hybrid), 619 Smashberry (Indica), 619 Alien OG (Indica), and 619 J-1 (Sativa)!!! Come grab a 4 gram eighth for $55 donation or 2 grams for $30 donation today and try a few of the new strains!

We also have some Saturn OG hash in, for only $11 donation for 0.5G and only $20 donation for 1.0G!

Open daily 10am-7pm! 🙂