420 Raffle Winners

GreenWorks , Its Friday 4/20/12 at 9pm and we just finished doing the raffle. Clarebear pulled 4 tickets tonight in order and here they are. If you have the winning ticket , please bring it in and claim your prize. this raffle was for the members that picked up a goodie bag.   Ticket #1

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Happy 420!

If your in the area please come on by and get a big plate of food and a bowl. We have great specials today and a good menu. Take care and enjoy your 420!

Its 4/19! Almost 420!

Sup GreenWorks , Just wanted to wish everyone a happy early 420! Be safe and if we don’t get to see you at the shop , we hope that your good , safe and burning some meds. Please be safe and careful on this 420. It is a Friday and you know crazy people come

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Greenworks 420 Event – 4/20/12

Its that time of the year again and we all love when 4/20 comes around. Gworks usually has a nice day planned out for our members. This year we have all kinds of stuff planned out with catering down to a new down stairs lounge. Here are the important things to know about the Gworks

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Update your Avatar if you can

Hey GW, Can you do us a favor and upload an new avatar to your profile? This way we can add a little more personality to our new community. Go to your profile page and click Profiles Once you click profiles you will see a button that says “Change Avatar” . Click that and upload

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Getting ready for 420!

Hey Club, Just wanted to give a quick post on our preparations for 420. We will have food and meds for everyone that day. Look out for the killer Bong raffle the first 100 members get a FREE ticket for food and the raffle. Its going to be a really nice piece.So there is so

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GW Coupon sent out yesterday!

I sent out a GW coupon to our email subscribers yesterday. If you are not signed up to the GreenWorks Mailing List you can do so by clicking here to sign up and make sure you get all the collective info as well as the monthly 5$ OFF coupon. Keep your eye open for the

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GW members

Hey Club, We have been having some issues with members being approached to buy meds for non members. Please Do not purchase meds for random people that approach you. Not only do you risk your membership, but you put the club in danger. Thank you for understanding and we appreciate you following the collective rules

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Daily Specials

Hope you guys dig the new specials. If you have any suggestions for us please feel free to email them in to specials@gworks.org . Thank you for being loyal GW members. Mondays: 4 GRAM 1/8 for $55 or 2 g’s for $30 (8.1 Gram 1/4 day !!) Tuesday: $50 1/8 Special or 2 g’s for

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Clones coming soon to GW

I recently cut a few clones for the members who had requested some. We are in day 4 of rooting and I will post them on the menu as soon as they are ready. We can not hold clones for members and they will be on a first come first serve basis. They are in

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Register with us

Register your user name today on gworks.org. In order to see the menu you need to be registered. Thank you! Click Here to Sign up

We are Moving WEB Sites!

Hey GreenWorks Members, We are moving to a new web site. We will have a more community environment on the new Gworks.org Register and setup your profile. We will be doing promotions and Specials this month and every month after that only on the site. This will help us stay informed on club information and

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