Welcome Back Gworks Members!

Are you ready for those 619s? We wanted to update you on a few things. The club will be coming back and helping our members with safeaccess once again. we want to hear from our loyal members so please email us! Once we get a number for you to call well post it here. We’ll be getting ready for delivery only.

We will be delivering to senior members ( 10 visits or more )  for now and not accepting new membership. Our registration will be closed for now but not forever. Please sign up to this mailing list so we can send you immediate info on the come back.


If your email has changed please let us know at info [@] gworks.org


We have the old email list we use to send our monthly newsletter/coupon to , once we upload it we will send out a big blast to everyone on the next step. Keep checking the website for now on the news coming from the #gwfam. See everyone soon!


– GW Staff